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Thank you for visiting Magnadyne. Below you will find the latest NEWS about our products and industry. Be sure to check back frequently and sign up for our news letter.

Magnadyne Customer Service

Plug-N-Play Replacement Radio Harnesses

Hassle Free Radio Harnesses When upgrading your in-dash or wall-mount radio, the thought of re-wiring a new system into the existing wiring is a task most shy away from. Magnadyne’s FREE custom harness service removes the wiring hassle from the installation and makes your radio upgrade plug-n-play. Purchase a replacement Magnadyne radio off our website and our technicians [...]

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Dude, where's your store?

5 ADVANTAGES OF BEING A REGISTERED INSTALLER/RESELLER ON MAGNADYNE'S STORE LOCATOR 1 Building your customer base with new traffic to your store Listing with Magnadyne has the potential to generate new customer traffic and revenue for your store. Here's how it works: Many of Magnadyne's customers are in need of experienced install shops to install the new [...]

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Value In Silencer Security Systems

Are your customers ready to customize their car, truck or SUV with the next level of automotive security? Would you like to offer them a top quality product at value pricing? Then Magnadyne’s premier Silencer SL-72 is your only choice. The SL-72 is an ADS/FORTIN compatible, all-in-one remote start security system that greatly exceeds the [...]

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Silencer SL-72

The SL-72 uses an advanced two way, FM/FM 915Mhz spread spectrum technology with up to one mile range. It incorporates a smart looking two way LCD transceiver remote and a slim high tech looking one way remote transmitter to control all functions. In addition, the SL-72 utilizes a patented two-way window mount antenna [...]

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Silencer SL-62

The SL-62 incorporates a smart looking, slim two way LCD transceiver remote and a high tech looking one way remote transmitter to control all functions. In addition, the SL-62 utilizes a patented two-way window mount antenna with Blue LEDs and valet/override push button built-in for ease of installation and extreme visibility to ward off [...]

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Silencer SL-42

The SL-42 is the Silencer top-of-the-line two way security system.It features a one way companion remote and a very ergonomically styled two way LCD remote.Both operate at 434 MHz on the AM band.The patented window mount transceiver antenna has two super bright blue LEDs and valet override switch built in providing for excellent high visibility [...]

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Vehicle Safety

When you are in the process of buying a new car, truck or RV, safety should be your top priority. The same is true when purchasing commercial vehicles such as vans and those for delivery. In addition to doing the research beforehand on various safety features included with the vehicle, you can go a step [...]

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Storing and Winterizing Your RV

There is nothing better than packing up your RV and loading in your family to take a drive during the spring and summer months. Whether you are going on a cross-country road trip or spending a weekend at your favorite campsite along the coast, you know that your RV needs to be in top condition. [...]

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