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Silencer SL-42

Written by Silencer Technical Support on

The SL-42 is the Silencer top-of-the-line two way security system.

It features a one way companion remote and a very ergonomically styled two way LCD remote.Both operate at 434 MHz on the AM band.

The patented window mount transceiver antenna has two super bright blue LEDs and valet override switch built in providing for excellent high visibility theft deterrent features.

The 2-way LCD is a smart-looking remote that feels good in the hand along with the easy-to-use front facing buttons.This new design has a clock that can be used as a countdown timer / parking meter reminder.In addition to the one way companion remote the two-way LCD is two cars operational.

The SL-42 has a DBI port that is compatible with ADS (idatalink) and Fortin bypass modules. Utilizing the DBI port, a remote start command can be programmed through the “star” button on either transmitter.The SL-42 will work easily in conjunction with either an ADS or Fortin module for remote start in low current vehicles.

Additional features include programmable anti-carjacking alarm system, selectable security or keyless entry mode as well as remote operated panic and car locator modes.

The SL-42 comes with a high output single tone siren as well as a dedicated horn output allowing for multiple alert combinations.