66CSR | 2-Way 1 Mile Range | Remote Start w/ Security & Keyless Entry System


Our 66 system is one of the industry’s best Premium Security and Remote Start* solutions. Providing up to One Mile of Two Way control via our unique hand held LCD remote, our 66 solution encompasses unique sensors to prevent unwanted wheel and tire theft, unwanted glass break in, or hood and trunk intrusions, and outright vehicle theft. And much like all of our Remote Start* or Security models, the 66 is expandable to add extra layers of security or convenience features. *All systems offering Remote Start will require additional parts. Parts will vary based on vehicle make, year and model.

  • Vehicle Theft, Security, Convenience and Remote Start Technology
  • Code Hopping Technology to prevent remote clone or system hacking
  • Remote Start Run Time Programmable. Diesel and gas engine compatible
  • Defogger control
  • Comfort Closure Technology remembers driver settings
  • Adjustable On Board Shock & Tilt Sensor to detect glass breaks or impacts to points of entry such as hood, trunk or passenger doors
  • Helps to protect personal and vehicle content such as infotainment systems, car battery, personal items, air bags
  • 1 Mile Range communication between security & remote start system and the two paired remotes included
  • Ignition Interrupt Technology to help prevent car start and vehicle theft when shock sensors, or any point of entry is triggered
  • Unique Antenna and Valet Receiver All in One design, for easy valet mode access
  • Unique Two Way LCD Icon Remote with Code Hopping Technology for two way confirmation of vehicle commands and alerts
  • 4 Button Remote with Code Hopping Technology included as second remote or backup to LCD Two Way Remote
  • Programmable outputs to allow specialized add on Security Sensors and convenience accessories.

Data Interface Ready*

UPC: 783855995430