Carbine CA-RFK3 | Automotive Security System Replacement Transmitter


Carbine CA-RFK3 Automotive Security System Replacement Transmitter

Originally designed as a ignition "key-head" transmitter, the CA-RF3K is an excellent small size replacement transmitter for many of the Carbine and Silencer security systems. Utilizes Code Hopping technology for secure RF communication and extended range. Provides independent Lock, Unlock control with panic on the lock button and AUX for trunk release.


CA-RFK3 Function/Spec List:

  • Carbine Automotive Security System Replacement Transmitter by Magnadyne
  • Carbinle mode CA100, CA300, CA400, CA500, PLUS-3000, PLUS-4000 and PLUS-5000 alarm systems
  • Silencer model 6904A, 6908A, 6918A, 7904A and 7919P alarm systems
  • "PL" models PL10, PL30S, PL50S, PL60S and PL61 alarm systems
  • Power supply: GP27A alkaline battery (supplied)
  • Transmiter frequency: 310mhz
  • Requires programming: Yes
  • Technical skill required for programming: Minimal

Tech Notes:

  • The alarm’s valet/override switch is required to perform replacement transmitter programming. Locate this switch inside your vehicle. Most older Carbine, Marksman and “PL” model alarms have a silver toggle switch. Newer model alarms have a black push button. Silencer alarms have a removable push switch on the back of the LED holder.
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