Carbine CA-RFLCD2 | Automotive Security System Replacement Transmitter


Original Carbine Automotive Security System Replacement Transmitter by Magnadyne

Replaces the 2-way LCD screen transmitter supplied with Carbine automotive security and remote start systems. Utilizes Code Hopping technology for secure RF communication and extended range.


CA-RFLCD2 Function/Spec List:

  • Compatible with Carbine model PLUS-5850, PLUS-5900, PLUS6850 and PLUS-6900 alarm and remote start systems
  • Transmiter frequency: 434mhz
  • Power supply: AAA alkaline battery (supplied)
  • Requires programming: Yes
  • Technical skill required for programming: Minimal

Tech Notes: The alarm’s valet/override switch is required to perform replacement transmitter programming. Locate this switch inside your vehicle. Most older Carbine, Marksman and “PL” model alarms have a silver toggle switch. Newer model alarms have a black push button. Silencer alarms have a removable push switch on the back of the LED holder.


UPC: 783855611125