Carbine PLUS-6900 | 4-Channel Two-Way Remote Start Security System


Carbine 4-Channel Two-Way Remote Start Security System

Alarm Features:

  • Remote control range up to 1/2 mile (LCD transmitter only)
  • Pager and 2-way communication between the alarm control module and the hand held LCD transmitter
  • Dedicated Lock/Arm-Unlock/Disarm-Panic and AUX buttons
  • Parking light flash relay built-in
  • Two-stage shock sensor included
  • Additional sensors that can be used with this system include; ALA90, ALA95, ALA969
  • Plug-in accessories
  • Pathway illumination
  • Progressive car finder
  • Anti-carjacking alarm
  • Plug-in support for Expresskits data modules and optional support for IDATALINK-HAR data bus modules via a special harness

Remote Start Features:

  • 4 Active safety shut down systems
  • Built-in HD relays for starting, ignition 1/2, and Accessory control (Heater or air conditioning)
  • Compatible with ignition systems that require (3) ignition connections
  • Optional automatic defrost control
  • Compatible with all Gasoline or diesel engines of any size
  • Programmable run timer
  • Temporary stop feature keeps the engine running when you leave the vehicle and lock/arm the security system

Inputs and Outputs:

  • (+/-) Door lock outputs with 2nd unlock option
  • (-) Starter disable output wire (Use relay socket ALA986S and relay ALA984H)
  • (-) Horn output
  • (+) Siren output
  • (+/-) Door trigger input
  • Four (-) programmable outputs (TX activated CH4 + three function outputs)
  • (+/-) Parking light relay output (Fused)
  • (-) Trunk Release

Standard Remote Control Features: (Applies to both transmitters)

  • User choice silent arm/disarm
  • User choice shock sensor delete upon manual arming
  • User choice automatic arming bypass
  • Valet mode On/Off control
  • Defective sensor warning chirp
  • Emergency panic feature
  • Progressive car finder

LCD Remote Control Features: (Applies to LCD transmitter only)

  • 2nd Car alarm system control
  • All functions of the alarm are reported back to the LCD transmitter
  • Lock/Arm-Unlock/Disarm
  • Alarm Triggered or panic mode active
  • Alarm Status check
  • Vibration mode on/off
  • Battery status
  • Valet mode status
  • In range indication
  • Driver paging
  • Power saver mode on/off

Programmable Features:

  • Last door closed automatic arming
  • Door locking when automatically armed
  • Ignition key switch controlled door lock/unlock control
  • Arm/ disarm pathway illumination
  • Anti-carjacking alarm
  • Defective sensor warning chirp
  • Arm/disarm chirps On/Off
  • Door lock output pulse timing

Replacement Transmitter:

  • Two-way LCD transmitter order CARF-LCD2
  • One-way transmitter order CA-RF69

Optional Features:

  • Compact Multi-Sound Siren ALA115 and ALA125

View & Download:

      Carbine PLUS-6900 Installation Manual


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