IVU for Carbine 66CSR


CARBINE Replacement Window Antenna for 66CRS Remote Start/Alarm Systems

CAIVU-FM2 Function List:

  • Black 2-way Transceiver with Blue Ice system status LED
  • 915mhz with code hopping technology
  • Feature Programming and Valet Mode Button Built-In
  • Compatible with CARBINE models 66CRS remote start/alarm systems

CAIVU-FM2 Spec List:

  • Receiver center frequency: 915mhz
  • Code combinations: More than 2 billion
  • Power supply: From CARBINE Module
  • Nominal range: Up to 1 mile
  • Requires programming: No
  • Mfg model number: CAIVU-FM2

Download: Pairing a Replacement Remote Control