Magnadyne 7960TL | Tapcode Keyless Entry System


Tapcode Keyless Entry System

7960TL Function/Spec List:

  • Tap your code on the vehicle glass to unlock the vehicle door or open the trunk/hatch
  • Miniature tap receiver mounts on the vehicle glass
  • Blue super-bright LED indicator reports all functions
  • Programmable tap unlock code can be as simple as 1 tap or as complex as 10 taps, 10 times
  • Tap recall function reports your code back to you in the event you forget the code
  • On-board unlock relay is compatible with single wire +/- door lock switches or 5 wire "ground at rest" door lock motor wires
  • Dedicated disarm wire for disarming the factory security system when the tap code is entered to unlock the vehicle door
  • 10 ft. tap sensor cable works on all vehicles
  • Easy installation


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