Magnadyne DIN TOOL | Radio Removal Tool


Magnadyne Din Tool | Radio Removal Tool


Din Tool Function/Spec List:

  • In-dash radio removal tool kit required to remove magnadyne radios from RV and automobile dashboards
  • Works with the following radios: M9900, M9900-1, M9999, M9900CD, M9900CDS, M9900DVD, SM1-CD, M1-LCD, M1-LCD, 2M4-LCD, and M3-LCD


Removal Instructions:

1. Insert the tools into the holes on the front of the radio
2. Do not push the tools in farther than 1 inch
3. Pull outward on the tools to push the spring clips on the radio inward while holding the tools in the outward position
4. Pull the radio away from the dashboard


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