Magnadyne HAR-RCA-M | RCA Cable Conversion Harness Adaptor


RCA Cable Conversion Harness Adaptor for Mobilevision Rear View Monitors and Magnadyne In-dash Receivers with Rear and Side Camera Function

HAR-RCA-M Function/Spec List:

  • Converts 5 pin main harness connectors to one female video RCA connector, one female audio RCA connector
  • Provides power (+) and ground (-) wires for cameras as required
  • 3' total harness length

Rear Vision Monitors and Cameras:

The following rear vision monitors and cameras are available to use with this cable conversion harness adaptor

  Compatible MobileVision Side Cameras:

  • M125C
  • M130C
  • M135-4C

  Compatible MobileVision Rear Cameras:


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