Magnadyne M3M4CAMKIT | M3-LCD / M4-LCD Camera Expansion Kit


M3-LCD and M4-LCD compatible camera kit includes left, right and rear cameras

Since you’ve driven an RV, you know the pleasures of the open road and the great experiences you get to share with your family. However, you’re probably also aware of just how difficult it can be at times to see clearly because of some pretty severe blind spots inherent in most RVs. How many times have you wished you had a better set of eyes when hooking up to your tow vehicle? Does it ever seem like you need a whole team of spotters just to get parked at your campsite? Have you ever experienced the terror of backing your RV down a boat ramp with a boat trailer behind you? If you want to avoid these kinds of situations on your next trip, add one of Magnadyne’s Multicam Expansion Kits to your shopping cart right now! It’s the perfect way to do away with all these headaches and get the most out of your M3-LCD or M4-LCD radio.

Safety First

At Magnadyne, we know that keeping your family and others safe while you’re operating your RV is of paramount importance. With that in mind, this kit comes with two side cameras and a rear view camera that work together to ensure that you get an unobstructed view on some of your RV’s most troublesome blind spots. Whether you’re backing up in the campsite or the driveway, you’ll always know that the kids and pets are safely out of the way before you begin your maneuver. Avoiding cars on the highway or trees in the woods becomes easy when you can switch at will between the three cameras that have been designed to expose the worst blind spots. Even reversing at night can be done safely thanks to the rear view camera’s IR LEDs there to shed light on what’s going on behind your bumper.

Convenience at your fingertips

If you have a Magnadyne M3-LCD or M4-LCD or you’re thinking of getting one these radios, then you’re serious about making sure that traveling in your RV is all about fun and not about hassle. An M4-LCD radio with navigation takes care of what’s in front of you. Add the Multicam Expansion Kit and now with the press of a button, you can keep an eye on what’s all around you. Don’t ever stop on the side of the busy highway again just to settle that uncomfortable feeling you have about the condition of your boat, tow vehicle or any other toys you care to haul. Of course getting there is only half the story. Eventually, when you arrive at your destination, chances are you’re going to be doing some backing up. The rear view camera alone is worth its weight in gold when you throw your RV into reverse and suddenly your parking spot is clearly visible, even at night. Backing your RV down a boat ramp at the lake becomes much more manageable with a clear line of sight. A hitching back up when it’s time to move on has never been easier with the help of these great cameras. Plus, if you utilize the built-in microphone on the reverse camera, you can even hear your spotter’s commands through your sound system.

Waterproof Rear View/ Backup Color CMOS Camera with Night Vision LEDs (C120)
Function/Spec List:

  • 1/4" color CMOS camera lens
  • Built-in LEDs for improved night vision
  • Built-in waterproof microphone
  • Waterproof housing
  • Adjustable mount and sun shield
  • Waterproof cable connection
  • Operating Temperature: -20C to 70C (Relative humidity 95%)
  • Storage Temperature: -40C to 80C (Relative humidity 95%)

Left and Right Side View Color CMOS Security Camera (C-CMOS-SDL)(C-CMOS-SDR)
Function/Spec List:

  • Left and right side mount 1/3" color cameras
  • Aerodynamic shape for streamlined side mounting
  • Easy mounting
  • Paintable housing
  • Waterproof housing
  • Adjustable viewing angles

3 Camera Input Harness with Reverse and Turn Signal Trigger Inputs for Magnadyne LCD Receivers (CAM-HAR-13)
Function/Spec List:

  • Input for rear camera (Camera power supplied within cable)
  • Input for left-side and right-side camera (Camera power supplied within cable)
  • Reverse trigger input, left and right turn signal trigger inputs

Safety Camera Connection Cable (2 Pcs. RRC-16)
Function/Spec List:

  • 16' length
  • Includes built-in microphone audio cable
  • 5 pin waterproof connectors
  • Fits Magnadyne cameras and monitor harnesses only

Safety Camera Connection Cable (RRC-70)
Function/Spec List:

  • 70' length
  • Includes built-in microphone audio cable
  • 5 pin waterproof connectors
  • Fits Magnadyne cameras and monitor harnesses only


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