Magnadyne M6/M9/M10, M11 SD Map Upgrade for North America


If you're upgrading to a NEW map, please read the instructions below to match your receiver with the correct Map

GoPilot Map Upgrade for M6, M9, M10, M11, M11A Receivers


The Latest Available Map Version: July 2022


Even if you know your radio model, please double check

Here is how you identify your Radio Model & OS Version:

  1. Turn on the Radio
  2. Touch the HOME button
  3. Slide the screen from right to left to expose the “Settings” icon. Touch the settings icon
  4. Slide the black area on the left from the bottom to the top to expose “System”. Touch “System
  5. On the right side, touch “Software Version”

By purchasing this item, you are confirming your radio model# is correct. If the wrong radio model# is purchased a shipping and handling charge will be applied on a replacement shipment.

The VIDEO below will show you step by step how to find your radio's OS version.


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