Magnadyne PL21 | Upgrade Security System for existing Keyless Entry


Upgrade Security System Works with Existing Keyless Entry

PL21 Function/Spec List:

  • Built-in 40 amp starter disable relay
  • Positive/negative door pin input triggers
  • Auxiliary ground input trigger for hood/trunk pin
  • Plug-in multi-function LED status indicator
  • 60 second rearm timer
  • Horn or optional siren output
  • Plug-in dual stage electronic shock sensor port with pre-warning chirp (shock sensor not included)
  • Remote personal panic system activated by factory remote keyless entry transmitters
  • Pathway illumination and parking lights stay on for 30 seconds after disarm
  • Door lock switch disarm protection

Programmable Features:

  • Pathway illumination
  • Automatic/passive arming
  • Chirp status indicator on/off
  • Panic on/off
  • Ignition control door lock/unlock, locks/unlocks doors when ignition key is turned on/off (optional feature, hardwire only; some vehicles may require relays)

View & Download:

      Magnadyne PL21 Installation Manual