Magnadyne PL61 | 3 Channel Security System with 4 Button Transmitters


3 Channel Security System with 4 Button Transmitters


Alarm Features:

  • Dual-mode receiver accepts standard or code hopping transmitters
  • Built-in relay for parking light flash alarm status indication
  • Built-in relay for starter disable
  • Built-in relay for dome light supervision
  • Horn output to activate the vehicle's horn as a sounding device
  • 60 second rearming timer with door re-locking
  • Trigger inputs for all doors and hood/trunk
  • Dip switch programmable current sensor trigger
  • Dip switch programmable automatic locking of power door locks when the security system automatically arms
  • Dip switch programmable ignition key controlled door lock/unlock
  • Plug-in multi-function alarm status LED indicator
  • Plug-in valet/override switch
  • (+/-) power door lock outputs
  • Channel 2 and 3 ground output for optional accessories
  • 3 mode trigger memory
  • The third button on the 3-button transmitter can be programmed to operate the silent arming feature
  • E-Eprom code memory

Remote Controlled:

  • Arming/disarming of security system with or without chirp confirmation
  • Remote Panic
  • Channel 2
  • Channel 3
  • Replacement Remote Transmitter RC-4, 6945, SLRF12 and 7955

Remote Programmable:

  • Chirp status indicator on/off
  • Safety illumination sentinel system
  • Automatic arming

View & Download:

      Magnadyne PL61 Installation Manual