Marksman X4RF-LCD | Remote Two-Way LCD Transmitter for X4/X9/M9A

4 Button Two-Way LCD Transmitter for Marksman X4, X9 and M9A. Also works with Carbine PLUS5800, PLUS6800 2-way systems.

Original Marksman automotive security system replacement transmitter by Magnadyne. Replaces the 2-way transmitter with LCD screen supplied with Marksman automotive security and remote start systems. Utilizes 433mhz Code Hopping technology for secure RF communication and extended range up to 1/2 mile.


X4RF-LCD Features List:

  • Black 4 button, 2-way transmitter with LCD screen
  • 3 Black buttons and 1 red button
  • Chrome metal keychain holder
  • Beep response indicator when the remote is transmitting
  • 433mhz with code hopping technology
  • Supplied with required AAA battery
  • Compatible with Marksman model X9, M9A and X4 alarm and remote start systems
  • Also compatible with Carbine PLUS6800 and PLUS5800 alarm and remote start systems

X4RF-LCD Spec List:

  • Transmit center frequency: 433mhz
  • Code combinations: More than 2 billion
  • Power supply: AAA battery (supplied)
  • Number of buttons: (4)
  • Basic Operation: Arm/Lock, Disarm/Unlock, AUX channel activation, Remote panic
  • Nominal range: Up to 1/2 mile
  • Requires programming: Yes
  • FCC ID: H50TR17
  • Mfg model number: X4RF-LCD


UPC: 783855980313
Availability: Product Discontinued