MobileVision M115C | 7" Color LCD Safety Camera Monitor


7" Color LCD Safety Camera Monitor with 1 Camera Input, 1 AUX A/V Input and Multiple Mounting Applications

M115C Function/Spec List:

  • 7" TFT-LCD monitor with wide viewing angle
  • 1 Camera input with reverse trigger for automatic camera switching
  • Rear Camera input supports backup cameras with audio
  • 1 RCA type A/V input for a second A/V source
  • Built in Speaker for rear camera audio and AUX A/V inputs
  • Unlimited mounting applications. 3 types of mounting brackets supplied

Supplied Accessories:

  • Credit card size remote control
  • U-Bracket for dashtop or overhead mounting
  • Multi-directional pedestal mount for angled or countoured surfaces
  • In-dash/ in-wall flush mount housing

Cameras and Connection Cables:

The following waterproof cameras and connection cables are available to use with this monitor.


  • C100
  • C120
  • C120-W
  • C125
  • C125W


  • RRC-10
  • RRC-16
  • RRC-35
  • RRC-70



View & Download:

      Mobilevision M115C Installation Manual


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