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Thank you for visiting Magnadyne. Below you will find the latest NEWS about our products and industry. Be sure to check back frequently and sign up for our news letter.

Magnadyne Customer Service

Magnadyne Enters RV Aftermarket

Magnadyne is pleased to announce that it is entering the RV aftermarket channel of distribution. Spearheading the effort to establish the brand will be the industry experts at Leisure Time Sales and Marketing and Magnadyne's newly appointed Business Development Manager, Michael Sherman.The partnership of MAGNADYNE and Leisure Time Sales and Marketing will deliver a line of value [...]

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How to Clear the Browser Cache on Phones and Tablets

When you’re updating your RV2400 software or troubleshooting the uplink status between the RV2400 and RV2458, you may run into a problem called website caching on your phone or tablet. Caching is when the application you use to browse the internet (e.g., Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari) stores information from websites you visit for [...]

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Magnadyne SiriusXM Ready Radios

Do you own a Magnadyne radio that reads SiriusXM Ready or has a SiriusXM Satellite Radio app, but are having trouble figuring out how to use satellite radio? We’re here to help break down what SiriusXM Ready means and explain the steps necessary to start listening to your favorite music through satellite radio. What Does SiriusXM Ready Mean? SiriusXM Ready means that [...]

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Use RV-Link With Your LTE Hotspot

Stay Connected Through Your LTE Device Harness the versatility of the RV-Link by utilizing your phone's nationwide LTE data plan to hotspot when WiFi service is unavailable. Keep your RV's WiFi network live even while driving so that everyone can continue to enjoy streaming music, video, and social media.

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Magnadyne Heads to Elkhart’s Suppliers & Vendors Exhibition

The RV Suppliers and Vendors Exhibition is taking place in just a few days in Elkhart, Indiana. It’s the first year that suppliers are taking part in the annual Elkhart Open House, and Magnadyne is excited to be joining our fellow industry leaders in this four-day RV extravaganza.The purpose of the Supplier and Vendor Exhibition is to give vendors [...]

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Plug-N-Play Replacement Radio Harnesses

Hassle Free Radio Harnesses When upgrading your in-dash or wall-mount radio, the thought of re-wiring a new system into the existing wiring is a task most shy away from. Magnadyne’s FREE custom harness service removes the wiring hassle from the installation and makes your radio upgrade plug-n-play. Purchase a replacement Magnadyne radio off our website and our technicians [...]

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Dude, where's your store?

5 ADVANTAGES OF BEING A REGISTERED INSTALLER/RESELLER ON MAGNADYNE'S STORE LOCATOR 1 Building your customer base with new traffic to your store Listing with Magnadyne has the potential to generate new customer traffic and revenue for your store. Here's how it works: Many of Magnadyne's customers are in need of experienced install shops to install the new [...]

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Value In Silencer Security Systems

Are your customers ready to customize their car, truck or SUV with the next level of automotive security? Would you like to offer them a top quality product at value pricing? Then Magnadyne’s premier Silencer SL-72 is your only choice. The SL-72 is an ADS/FORTIN compatible, all-in-one remote start security system that greatly exceeds the [...]

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Silencer SL-72

The SL-72 uses an advanced two way, FM/FM 915Mhz spread spectrum technology with up to one mile range. It incorporates a smart looking two way LCD transceiver remote and a slim high tech looking one way remote transmitter to control all functions. In addition, the SL-72 utilizes a patented two-way window mount antenna [...]

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