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Bound to nothing: The RV life this Holiday Season

Written by Jesse on

Freedom is why we RV. This holiday season as the world gets ready to pack and visit their loved ones, we just start driving. On the road to those delicious turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce dinners, you can drive listening to the de facto thanksgiving music, which is of course, Christmas music. We all do it, it is what it is.

Here at Magnadyne, we strive to provide the most immersive sound possible with our RV6200 multimedia receiver. Make use of the Bluetooth connectivity to listen to your favorite Christmas station on Spotify or put in that Disney movie for your kids as our unit is copy-guard compatible. Throughout or at the end of your trip, sometimes you just need to have your family relax in your RV while you take care of errands or just want to take a ride in the great outdoors. Blix bikes provides just the perfect solution while not even breaking a sweat. The Blix Vika+ is the perfect bike for your RV adventures. It features a 45 mile range and puncture resistance Kevlar tires for safety. Best of all, it folds for easy storage. Perhaps your family might make you a little crazy, but you can make it more enjoyable with Magnadyne and Blix bikes.

You can get your very own Blix Vika+ here: