Dude, where's your store?

Dude, where's your store?

Posted by Matt Beckman on Aug 31st 2016



1 Building your customer base with new traffic to your store

Listing with Magnadyne has the potential to generate new customer traffic and revenue for your store. Here's how it works: Many of Magnadyne's customers are in need of experienced install shops to install the new car radio or car security system they just purchased. If you are signed up on our store locator, those customers could be walking through your door when they search and select your place of business for their install. You then have the opportunity to turn these new customers into repeat customers who come looking to you for future products and services.

2 FREE online marketing

Looking for a way to boost your online presence to increase install appointments at your shop without having to spend money? You can create or supplement your online search presence as a registered dealer/installer here and there is zero cost to you. All you have to do is fill out the form. Once you're listed on our store locator, potential customers will be able to see much more than just your address, phone and email. You can also include links to your company website, and add 2 more links to social sites such as your company Facebook page and Twitter account. You can also add company logos, slogans and services you provide. This is a FREE opportunity to pitch your store to new customers. What do you want to say to them?


3 Take advantage of Magnadyne's online expertise

Our Google preferred website receives thousands of visitors per month and Magnadyne's webmasters, SEO experts and dedicated in-house Technical Support staff are working constantly to grow that traffic. If those visitors live in your area and need an install, wouldn't you like to get a call from them? Running on the Google Maps platform, our store locator has been developed to be mobile friendly and supports direct dial so customers can call you to schedule installs and get driving directions to your store all from the convenience of their phones. See how it works for yourself.

4 Flexibility as a dealer/installer on our store locator

You don't have to carry our product to be listed. Magnadyne is committed to building a thriving community of dealers and installers who are automotive electronics enthusiasts. Just write down a brief description of who your company is and what services you provide in the comments section of the Become a Dealer form and we'll add the information to your custom listing. If you aren't a reseller of Magnadyne products and want to be, give us a call at (310) 735-2000. We offer competitive pricing, a wide selection of product choices and can ship to you from our California or Indiana locations.

5 Backed by Magnadyne

Time is money. The less time you spend worrying about technical problems, the more time you can spend assisting customers and making sales. As a dealer/installer of Magnadyne products, you have the benefit of being able to speak directly to our dedicated customer service support team for pricing, ordering, shipping and technical support. You can also access our website to download installation manuals, sign up for our newsletter for new and deals and track your packages through your Magnadyne account. Want to update your store listing as you grow your business? Let us know. 

You can reach us by phone or email for any of these services Monday-Friday 7am to 5pm PST. Phone: (310) 735-2000 | Email: support@magnadyne.com