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How to Clear the Browser Cache on Phones and Tablets

Written by Matt Beckman on

When you’re updating your RV2400 software or troubleshooting the uplink status between the RV2400 and RV2458, you may run into a problem called website caching on your phone or tablet. Caching is when the application you use to browse the internet (e.g., Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari) stores information from websites you visit for future use.

Caching is a deliberate, time saving function of browsers that allows recently visited pages to be reloaded quickly if you visit them again. However, when caching occurs on pages where the information may have been updated recently (such as the software update page on the RV2400) the browser may display older, outdated information. This can lead to hours of headaches as you wonder why something isn’t working when it really has worked but the change isn’t being displayed.

To get around this issue, browsers include ways to “clear” their cache, and it is recommended that you do so often when using a web interface to troubleshoot a device. Clearing the cache is not harmful to the phone or the browser, and the process can be repeated as many times as necessary. Be aware that each browser is different, and clearing the cache sometimes also clears things like browsing history. Below are instructions on how to clear the cache of some of the more common browsers used on phones and tablets.