Magnadyne Enters RV Aftermarket

Magnadyne Enters RV Aftermarket

Posted by Magnadyne Marketing Team on Jun 18th 2019

Magnadyne is pleased to announce that it is entering the RV aftermarket channel of distribution. Spearheading the effort to establish the brand will be the industry experts at Leisure Time Sales and Marketing and Magnadyne's newly appointed Business Development Manager, Michael Sherman.

The partnership of MAGNADYNE and Leisure Time Sales and Marketing will deliver a line of value based, RV specific products that are direct replacements for parts in hundreds of thousands of RV’s on the road. The new line is certain to be a welcome addition to the product offerings of distributors and RV retailers across North America.

“We have been supplying antennas, in-wall radios, and speakers to RV manufacturers for over four decades. Recently we expanded the line to include USB charging solutions, WiFi extenders, and LTE connectivity in order to meet the IoT demands of today’s RV customer,” said Barry Caren, President and Founder of MAGNADYNE. He added, “The foundation of trust and quality has been laid for our success in the aftermarket.”

Mike Willhoff, CFO and VP of Sales at Leisure Time Sales and Marketing stated, “We are very excited to team up with such a great company and to be introducing the great MAGNADYNE products to the aftermarket for the first time.” Leisure Time Sales and Marketing has been servicing the RV aftermarket industry since 1976 employing a highly experienced sales force with over 100 years of collective experience.

Responsibilities for guiding the MAGNADYNE RV aftermarket segment fall to recently hired Business Development Manager, Michael Sherman. Michael was previously with Intellicom as Director of Sales. He joins Tony Mercado, previously of JVCKENWOOD USA, who came on board with MAGNADYNE last year. Tony led marketing efforts for Kenwood’s 12V aftermarket car electronics division.