Silencer SL-72

Silencer SL-72

Posted by Silencer Technical Support on Jul 26th 2016

The SL-72 uses an advanced two way, FM/FM 915Mhz spread spectrum technology with up to one mile range. It incorporates a smart looking two way LCD transceiver remote and a slim high tech looking one way remote transmitter to control all functions. In addition, the SL-72 utilizes a patented two-way window mount antenna with Blue LEDs and valet/override push button built-in for ease of installation and extreme visibility to ward off would be thieves when the LEDs are flashing. Common with all Silencer models, the main unit has a DBI port that is compatible with both ADS (idatalink) and Fortin data modules.

The 2-way LCD remote transceiver uses a new, clean looking and bright LCD display along with five buttons for Lock / Unlock / Trunk / Remote Start / Function for ease of programming features. The SL-72 is loaded with user friendly smart features along with additional channel outputs (pulsed, latched, timer) for extreme flexibility to meet the consumer’s need.

The remote start is flexible with programmable current / voltage sensing, tachometer sensing or timer start modes. It is also compatible with gas or diesel engines and is programmable for timed start and cold temperature automatic start modes as well as programmable run times and turbo timer features.

Ease of installation is important to Silencer, thus the SL-72 has built-in high quality micro relays for starter functions as well as parking light and an outboard starter disable relay. In addition the SL-72 incorporates dedicated defrost output, self-polarizing door lock output, dual zone shock sensor with warn away and programmable car-jacking feature.

The SL-72 as well as all Silencer remote car starters has a safety start feature that can be used to prevent accidental starting of the vehicle. The unit can be start programmed for two pushes instead of one push on the remote transmitter. Items in your pocket or purse and even the accidental child play that may occur in the home cannot accidentally remote start your vehicle.

Optional accessory is the SL-PS101 sensor. This can be purchased and installed at the time of installation or at a later date. The SL-PS101 works on infrasonic technology as well as measuring changes of air pressure inside the vehicle. The bouncing truck or extra loud motorcycle will not accidentally trigger your alarm. This sensor also serves as a glass breakage sensor on unopened windows. When all windows are closed, if a possible vandal attempt occurs by breaking the glass without triggering the shock sensor, the SL-PS101 will sense the interior change and trigger the alarm.