Value In Silencer Security Systems

Value In Silencer Security Systems

Posted by Matt Beckman on Aug 5th 2016

Are your customers ready to customize their car, truck or SUV with the next level of automotive security? Would you like to offer them a top quality product at value pricing? Then Magnadyne’s premier Silencer SL-72 is your only choice. The SL-72 is an ADS/FORTIN compatible, all-in-one remote start security system that greatly exceeds the functionality of a fully loaded luxury car.

The SL-72 has an abundance of customizable features. Pathway illumination, automatic rearm, ignition controlled door locks, dedicated trunk release, temperature controlled remote starting, dome light time control, door ajar alert and diesel engine wait-to-start are just some of things that can programmed which add value to the vehicle and give peace of mind and pride of ownership to your customer.

Retail Ready

The SL-72 is packaged in an eye catching retail box and looks great on any showroom floor and sells itself. The alarm system comes with all the components necessary for an easy shop install. Inside you’ll find: the control module, compact siren, antenna, 2 sleek transmitters, motion sensor switch, hood pin switch, harnesses, installation manual, and warning decals.


Easy Installation

For our install we put it in a ’08 Chevy Silverado. The wiring is industry standard so there were no surprises. It took Magnadyne’s MECP certified installer Hector Nunez about 45 minutes to put it in. Programming the SL-72 using the included transmitter and installation manual was a snap. It only took a few minutes to customize the SL-72 to Hector’s personal preferences.

Exciting Features

The Silencer SL-72 is one of the most feature laden remote start security systems on the market. One of the exceptional features of the SL-72 that stands out is the compact patented 915FM MHz Antenna with LED indicators and valet overide button. Hector mounted the included SL-IVU-FM915 antenna above the rearview mirror which allows for excellent range while keeping the LED lights in plain view. This also provides convenient access to the valet button when programming the customizable features. The included SL-RF92 2-way LCD key fob gives unprecedented amount of critical feedback about the status of your vehicle such as illegal hood/trunk entry, engine running and illegal ignition trigger. The SL-RF92 also has some fun features such as the parking meter countdown, in range of vehicle indicator (approx. 1 mile) and an audible car locator.


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