Silencer 65SL | Long Range Two-Way Remote Starter and Full Security System


Long Range Two-Way Remote Starter and Full Security System

Slim Window Receiver with Blue Dot LED and Valet Control Switch

LCD 2-way Pager Remote

65SL Function/Spec List:

  • Advanced 915Mhz technology with extended range
  • One 915Mhz 4-button two-way command confirming LCD transmitter (remote functions confirmed by audio tone and message on LCD display)
  • One 915Mhz 5-button one-way transmitter
  • Patented 2-way Transceiver Antenna with Built-in LED’s and Valet Override. U.S. Patent#: 6,037,859; 6,150,926; 6,346,877B1
  • Ignition 1, ignition 2, start, climate control and parking light relay built-in for easy installation (2nd start & 3rd ignition circuit capable)
  • DBI Port compatible with ADS and Fortin
  • Universal vehicle application with timed, current and tachometer sensing start modes
  • Compatible with both gas and diesel engines
  • Programmable timed start
  • Programmable run times and turbo timer feature
  • Negative door lock outputs
  • Flashing LED status indicator to ward off would-be thieves
  • Dual-zone shock sensor with warn away chirps
  • Programmable anti-carjacking alarm system
  • Programmable channel 4 output (pulsed, latched, timer)
  • Selectable dome light or horn output
  • Full security mode or keyless entry only mode selectable
  • High output single tone compact siren
  • Remote operated valet, panic and vehicle locator modes
  • Two-car operation compatible
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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