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Why You Should Prepare RV Summer Trips in January

January 2024


 As the new year unfolds, it's the perfect time to start planning your summer RV adventure. While summer may seem far away, planning in January ensures a smooth, well-prepared trip. Let's dive into a step-by-step guide to get your itinerary outlined, campgrounds reserved, and more.

Fly Me To The Moon

Step 1: Dream and Decide on Your Destination


Early January


Begin by brainstorming where you want to explore. Are you craving mountain landscapes, serene lakes, or bustling cities? Consider factors like travel distance, climate, and interests. Maybe you're thinking about a cross-country journey or exploring a specific region. Once you have a destination in mind, you can start shaping your adventure.


Step 2: Sketch a Basic Itinerary




With your destination set, sketch out a basic itinerary. How many days can you spend on the road? What are the must-see spots along the way? Use online resources or travel guides to pinpoint attractions and natural wonders. Remember, flexibility is key in RV travel, so leave room for spontaneous detours.


Step 3: Early Bird Gets the Campsite


Late January


Popular campgrounds fill up quickly, especially in prime summer months. Now is the time to start booking. Websites like ReserveAmerica or Campendium are great resources. Look for campgrounds with good reviews, necessary amenities, and interesting nearby activities. Consider a mix of well-known national parks and hidden gems.


Step 4: Budgeting Your Trip


Throughout January


A clear budget will keep your adventure enjoyable without financial stress. Include fuel, campground fees, food, activities, and a contingency fund. Early planning helps spread out the expenses, making the trip more manageable. Consider a membership to Harvest Hosts and stay at farms, wineries, and many other interesting locations for free.


Step 5: RV Maintenance and Upgrades


While it's still early, now is the perfect time to get your RV in top shape. Schedule any necessary maintenance or repairs. Thinking about upgrades? Perhaps solar panels for off-grid camping or a new awning for those sunny days. Addressing these in winter gives you ample time to prepare.


Step 6: Planning Meals and Supplies


Start thinking about your meal plan. RV cooking can be a fun and integral part of the experience. Plan easy-to-cook meals and consider pre-preparing some dishes. Stock up on non-perishables early and make a list of perishables to buy closer to departure.


Step 7: Activities and Bookings


If your trip includes specific activities like guided tours, fishing charters, or special events, consider booking these in advance. This ensures availability and often saves money.


Step 8: Documentation and Safety


Ensure your driver’s license, RV insurance, and registrations are up to date. Familiarize yourself with the road laws of the states you’ll be traversing. Safety checks on your RV, including tire pressure, brakes, and lights, are crucial.


Planning your summer RV trip in January may seem premature, but it pays off. You get the best campsites, have ample time to prepare your RV, and can budget effectively. It also builds anticipation, turning the journey into a half-year adventure. So, grab a calendar, start dreaming, and get planning for an unforgettable summer RV adventure in 2024!

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