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Staying Safe and Connected In Your RV

Are you considering hitting the road in an RV this year? You're not alone - more and more people are turning to RV travel to explore the country while social distancing. But is it safe? We talked to experts to find out what you need to know before setting out on your RV adventure. Here's what they had to say.



The rise of the RV industry in America

The RV industry in America has seen a noticeable uptick in the past few years due to the ever-increasing need of consumers for personal comfort and convenience of travel. RVs are now outfitted with wi-fi and internet to provide those on the road with all the comforts of home. Consumers have easy access to unlimited resources such as books, movies, music, and other entertainment options that make road trips or extended stays even more enjoyable. From retired seniors to young professionals, families, and everyone in between, RVs offer something for everyone, allowing greater freedom and mobility than ever before.

RV safety

All RV campsites come with inherent risks to consider, so it is important to prioritize safety when choosing campsites. Staying informed on security procedures, such as installing deadbolts or using motion sensors for outdoor lighting, will be beneficial. Making sure the campsite has good cell reception is key in emergency situations and being aware of campsite regulations may prevent any negative issues from occurring. Doing a thorough check of the campsites’ facilities before usage is also critical to ensure safety. When campers follow the necessary precautions, they can rest assured that their campsite experience will be peaceful and enjoyable.


Cell Connectivity in Your RV


Staying connected while on the road can be important for those with a busy lifestyle, and cell connectivity in your RV is the perfect solution. With advances in technology, you can now keep your family connected and have all the convenience of home wherever life takes you. Whether you're taking a long weekend getaway or a full cross-country road trip, utilizing wireless internet and cellular data ensures that you're never too far away from your important emails and conversations. With a multitude of products on the market today to choose from, you'll have no problem finding the right option that fits your specific needs. Investing in cell connectivity technology allows you to stay connected while keeping costs to a minimum.


Tips for staying safe while RVing

Always plan ahead and purchase comprehensive insurance that covers both your vehicle and its contents. Second, always carry an emergency first aid kit so you can be prepared in case of injury or other medical emergencies. Third, make sure all occupants are properly restrained by using a seat belt whether driving or riding inside the RV. Fourth, inspect your RV prior to departure for any signs of damage or malfunctioning parts to reduce the chance of breakdown during travel. Lastly, when camping in unknown terrain familiarize yourself with the local wildlife and trail conditions before venturing off into unfamiliar territory. Following these tips will help ensure that your RV trip is a safe and enjoyable one!

What to do if you break down while on the road

Experiencing a breakdown while on the road can be an extremely stressful and daunting situation. The best remedy is to have a plan in place before you hit the road, as well as ensure you are properly equipped with any roadside supplies your vehicle may need (such as a spare tire, tow rope, etc.). If possible, safely pull your vehicle off to the side of the road and turn on your hazard lights. It is recommended that you do not attempt to fix yourself unless you are experienced with car mechanics – instead, contact for roadside help or a tow truck if needed. If it’s night-time and there is no service station nearby, make sure you remain in your car with the doors locked until help arrives. Following these safety steps will ensure that if ever faced with a breakdown while on the road, you will be prepared and know what to expect.

How to avoid getting lost while RVing

When you're out in the wide open of an RV adventure, the last thing you want to worry about is getting lost. The best way to avoid this is to be prepared before you hit the open road. Make sure to check your route before going and plan plenty of rest stops along the way. Additionally, having a GPS system installed in your vehicle can be a great asset for finding alternate routes if need be. Taking these precautions ahead of time can help save from unexpected turns and detours that will inevitably have you asking, "Are we there yet?"

Make sure you do your research ahead of time to find safe and affordable RV parks to stay at and follow our tips for staying safe while RVing. If you do break down or get lost while on the road, don't panic - just follow our advice on what to do in those situations. With a little planning and preparation, you can have a great time exploring America in your RV.

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