Magnadyne SiriusXM Ready Radios

Magnadyne SiriusXM Ready Radios

Posted by Matt Beckman on Oct 5th 2018

Do you own a Magnadyne radio that reads SiriusXM Ready or has a SiriusXM Satellite Radio app, but are having trouble figuring out how to use satellite radio? We’re here to help break down what SiriusXM Ready means and explain the steps necessary to start listening to your favorite music through satellite radio.

What Does SiriusXM Ready Mean?

SiriusXM Ready means that Magnadyne’s M10, M6, M4-LCD, and M3-LCD radios come from the RV manufacturer with the software and hardware ports necessary to receive a satellite radio signal. However, just as taste in music is unique to each person, the way people listen to their music is also unique, and not everyone wants the more premium, satellite radio package. To take advantage of this elite feature on your Magnadyne radio, you’ll need to upgrade with the purchase of a SiriusXM tuner and antenna.

Does My Magnadyne Radio Already Have a SiriusXM Tuner and Antenna?

If you purchased your coach or RV from a private seller, how can you check to see if your radio already has the tuner and antenna?

  • For each radio mentioned above, simply launch the SiriusXM radio app. If you see a “check tuner” message, your radio has not yet been fitted with a tuner and antenna.
  • If you don’t see that message and the SiriusXM app can be tuned to channel 0 or 184 and begins receiving signal, this indicates that the radio has a tuner and antenna.

How to Start Listening

Once you have a tuner and antenna hooked up to your radio, you still need an active subscription with SiriusXM and you must activate that subscription on your radio. For instructions on how to activate your subscription, click the links below for your radio’s manual and turn to the section on SiriusXM Satellite Radio.
M10 Manual
M6 Manual
M4-LCD Manual
M3-LCD Manual