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Get Your RV Ready for the New Travel Season

The anticipation of the new travel season is always an exciting time for RV enthusiasts. However, to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable journey, it's essential to properly prepare your RV for the road ahead.

This comprehensive checklist will guide you through the necessary steps to get your RV ready for your next adventure.

RV Travel Season Checklist

Give Your RV a Thorough Inspection

Start by conducting a thorough inspection of your RV to identify any issues that need to be addressed before hitting the road. Here are some key areas to examine:

☐ Check for any cracks, damage, or leaks. Inspect the roof, windows, and doors for proper sealing.
    ☐ Examine the tire pressure, tread, and alignment. Replace tires if needed.
      ☐ Ensure all exterior and interior lights are working correctly.
        ☐ Test your brakes and inspect the brake pads for wear.
          ☐ Lubricate the slide-out mechanisms and ensure they are functioning smoothly.
            Service Your Engine and Generator:

            ☐ Change the oil and oil filter.
            ☐ Replace or clean the air filter.
            ☐ Check the coolant level and top off if needed.
            ☐ Inspect the fuel system for leaks or damage.
            ☐ Examine the generator's condition and perform a load test.
            ☐ Check the belts and hoses for cracks or wear.
            ☐ Test the batteries and ensure they are fully charged.

              Inspect and Maintain the Propane System:

              ☐ Inspect the propane tank and lines for any leaks or damage.
              ☐ Test the propane regulator for proper functioning.
              ☐ Clean the propane appliances, such as the stove and refrigerator, and ensure they are working correctly.

                Sanitize the Fresh Water System:

                ☐ Drain the water heater and freshwater tank.
                ☐ Mix a solution of bleach and water to sanitize the system.
                ☐ Fill the freshwater tank with the sanitizing solution and run it through the faucets.
                ☐ Drain the solution and refill the tank with fresh water.

                  Clean and Prepare the Wastewater System:

                  ☐ Empty the black and gray water tanks.
                  ☐ Inspect the sewer hose for leaks or damage and replace it if needed.
                  ☐ Clean the wastewater valves and ensure they are functioning properly.
                  ☐ Lubricate the wastewater valves and seals.

                    Update Your Safety Equipment:
                    ☐ Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries if needed.
                    ☐ Check the fire extinguisher's expiration date and replace it if it expired.
                    ☐ Ensure you have a first aid kit stocked with essential supplies.
                    ☐ Review your emergency preparedness plan and update it if necessary.
                      Deep Clean the RV Interior:
                      ☐ Vacuum and mop the floors.
                      ☐ Wipe down surfaces and clean appliances.
                      ☐ Launder bedding and clean the mattress.
                      ☐ Check for any signs of mold, mildew, or pests.
                        Stock Up on Essentials:
                        ☐ Replenish your supply of toiletries, paper products, and cleaning supplies.
                        ☐ Update your RV's toolkit with any necessary tools or equipment.
                        ☐ Ensure you have enough freshwater hoses, extension cords, and adapters.
                        ☐ Pack essential kitchen items, like pots, pans, utensils, and dishes.
                        ☐ Stock up on non-perishable food items and snacks.
                          Plan Your Route and Reservations:
                          ☐ Research your destination and plan your route.
                          ☐ Make reservations at campgrounds or RV parks.
                          ☐ Check for any road closures, construction, or other travel restrictions.
                            Final Pre-Departure Checks:
                            ☐ Secure all loose items inside the RV.
                            ☐ Close and lock all windows and doors.
                            ☐ Retract the awning and secure any exterior attachments.
                            ☐ Perform a final walk-around to ensure everything is in order.

                              With this ultimate checklist, you can confidently prepare your RV.

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